Basic questions

Here you can find answers to your questions about the STEM project.

What is STEM?

STEM is a sports team statistics token exchange. On this exchange, each sports club has its own token, which has a certain value. The price of these tokens is determined by such indicators as: statistics of the team's game, world rankings, position in the standings, the cost of the club's players and others. Based on these data, criteria are formed for the issue (issue) and pricing of the tokens themselves.

The prices for tokens vary depending on the performance of the sports team's games. The higher the performance of the game, the more expensive its tokens are. Thus, each user can buy tokens of teams, and earn on the effective game of clubs.

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What is a STEMX token?

The STEMX token is the basic token of the STEM exchange. It can be used in any trading pair, and buy tokens of sports teams. The token can also be converted into other currencies. For STEMX, you can pay a transaction fee, as well as make cheap deposits and withdrawals from the exchange.

Token holders will receive privileges and bonuses within the STEM project. The possibility of token farming will be available, which will form an additional pool of liquidity. A floating percentage fee will be paid for the transfer of the token to the staking.

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